One Canadian blogger’s musings on developing a marxist feminism that avoids the mistakes of (i) sectarianism towards feminist struggle, and (ii) creating an internally contradictory mishmash of marxism and non-marxist feminist praxis.

In Australia, a combination of these two mistakes is also practised. Post-structuralist criticisms of feminism have been used as reasons not to engage, or to be acquiescent in attacks on feminist activists. This is a key reason why most Australian socialists have been silent about the intimidation, including rape and death threats, faced by feminist activists who wish to speak out on certain issues. Needless to say, this abdication from the basic responsibilities of feminist solidarity will have ongoing consequences for the ability of those wanting to practise Australian marxism not just to develop marxist feminism, but even to regain a really marxist approach.

This blog from which this article comes – – is well worth following. I do find that the undefined ‘patriarchy’ of which he speaks does make this article harder to follow, and his points a little muddier. My own brief critique of using ‘patriarchy’ to describe our current system of male domination/ female subordination is here.

Subject article of this post here.