Murder, Mystery & Misogyny in Oz

The structural nature of male-pattern violence towards women and girls. Not only does it reinforce the sex hierarchy in general, thus benefitting non-violent males as well, but it is reinforced by male-centred media institutions, police and governments, whose words and actions deny how this gendered violence fits in centrally to this socio-political system.

A great round-up and explanation about the #mysteryismisogyny hashtag campaign by Lily Munroe, who is also counting murdered women.

REAL for women

18 womenhave been murdered by known or suspected male violence in the first 60 days of 2015 in Australia. 9 of these 18 women are believed to have been murdered by their former or current male partners. 4 of these 9 women had either Domestic Violence Orders in place, or a history of domestic violence that was known to police, one woman was seeking tighter restrictions.

we are used to violence against women“The biggest threat to Australians is obviously poor health, but for women under 45, the biggest cause of injury or death is violence from a current or former male partner. We see the Federal Government creating splashy campaigns, but overall defunding the area drastically and taking control of it away from the women with built-up expertise, towards religious groups with dubious records. So we don’t need rhetoric about over-hyped terrorist threats, but a government that acts in women’s interests.” – Virginia Brown, Reclaim The…

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