In defence of dragons

horacek dragon.PNG

With all due respect to feminist cartoonist Judy Horacek, I don’t think she has been paying attention. Knights or princes never proved themselves to young women by killing dragons, and nor have men solved problems for us – beyond those of their creation. Therefore, feminism does not consist of women now “solving our problems so men don’t have to”. And nor would young, wooed women do arse-witted things like slaying the dragons they had sent the men harassing them off to.

As those of us who paid attention to these fairy-tales know – those dragons were our friends. Lilith-sent. They could be relied upon to keep our stalkers occupied for a good ten years and, with any luck, eat them. (Sadly these creatures occasionally died when men slaughtered them unprovoked, using the claim they had ‘rescued’ us in order to claim us as their own. This rescue myth remains a reversal employed by predators, and women are still wise to beware men making these claims.)

Let’s not be distracted by liberal feminism and its diversions of quick “equality” fixes which involve our taking on what we’ve been told are men’s roles.

We end up killing our friends.




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