Because human history has given us the tools to learn from the amazing struggle for real, progressive change by so many wonderful people; women’s rights activists, workers and and everyone else struggling against oppression.

This knowledge is precious, as are the people currently used as oppression fodder for the obscenely rich and powerful.

This science of liberation is called Marxism, and this blog is in recognition of the need to renew marxist feminism against the stultifying and confusing effects of bourgeois ideology, whether that be the resignation to trying to achieve fundamental change through a few women in parliament, the myriad forms of postmodernism, all oblivious to structural oppression, or the unshamed vilification of women who dare to support women’s rights as feminist wannabe oppressors.

It’s in recognition that women’s oppression is material and ongoing, not a question of perspective.  It’s in recognition that women’s oppression continues to be vital for capitalism’s existence.

It’s in recognition that a materialist, scientific approach can only be forged by those who put effort into that, and these will not always be people who identify as marxists. Marxism was not begun by ignoring all but those who identify in a certain way, but it has stumbled greatly, especially recently, when it has done that.

It’s in recognition that with collective struggle, we can win 🙂



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